Let’s face it, plenty of foreigners have successfully managed to invest in the property market in Thailand, without any problems. Due to the 1979 Thailand Condominium Act, foreigners can own properties anywhere in Thailand.

You don´t need a bank as we provide you private loans by private investors with a very low and fair interest as low as 6{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87}. per year.

You can easy pay by any bank outside thailand as oversea payments.

Apartment in Thai quota?

1. You sign 49{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87} ownership and 51{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87} to Shareholders (Thai) of your company
2. Your “shareholders” sign a declaration that they have sold their shares, and you keep this piece of paper
3. We can help you with the right lawyer who makes a company or ensure you take over a company with your house/apartment

We have our own lawyer to help you setup companies from 10-15,000 baht.

Private Financing vs Bank

Since the property market in Thailand has become highly competitive over the years, and the currency very low for oversea money it´s not easy for foreigners to borrow money in the bank of Thailand. Some banks offer it to foreigners; if you are married but you have to pay 50{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87} of the property to get the loan to a very high interest (normal 9{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87}+)

At www.amazing-pattaya.com we only looking for deals where we have a small risk for you as buyer and the seller with a small interest as low as 6{6e4fea662bac9a15d665b931718c46b0bbe3eb99f6bcc2dae7c73aad6ab3db87} p.a.